Sandra Square

Dr. G. Kinder

I have been using this product from your company, Life Data Labs, since it first came on the German market, based on 15 years of excellent experience with Farrier's Formula for horses! 

I use Breeder's Formula for almost all canine conditions with great success and have numerous customers who use it continuously. I always recommend it during convalescence, the strenuous times of coat change, for older animals with joint or tendon problems or arthritis, and for dogs with dermatological symptoms. I also give Breeders Formula to dogs who suffer bad conditions for which an optimal, balanced supply of nutrients must be guaranteed.  

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Leo Testimonial

Simone W.

I would like to thank you very much for your advice and recommendation to feed Breeders Formula® to my dog Leo.

My small miniature Pinscher is five years old. A growth appeared on his right lead at the age of 1 ½. Everyone presumed that this was a wart and would eventually disappear, but that was not the case. At the beginning of this year the growth became larger and it was necessary for Leo to undergo an operation and have it removed. After the op, the growth was diagnosed as a mast cell tumor.

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Kristen and three dogs

Kristen B.

I have used Farrier's Formula for years. I have found that is the only product which reliably improves hoof health in horses with thin, crumbly walls. I had no idea that Life Data made canine health products, however, until I met a company representative at the Kentucky Three Day Event. I began feeding Breeder’s Formula to my six rescue dogs, all of which have various health concerns, including itchy skin, lameness, and anxiety.

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Bruno the German Sheppard

MJ Flaherty

Here's our boy, Bruno.  We live in a rural area and the desert can be tough on his skin & coat.  I've tried many different remedies from limited ingredient food, fish oil, flax seed oil, adding an egg, Benadryl, but none of them work as well as the Life Data Breeder's Formula.  The combination that is in this product does the trick.  He rarely scratches now and his coat is soft & lustrous. 

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Kurt and Dog

Kurt K.

We are feeding daily the recommended dosage of Breeders Formula together with his feed to our Fox Terrier, Filippo for the last two years. We witnessed the positive effect Breeders Formula had on our aging dog, not only on his coat and skin, but also his mobility and stamina.

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