Mike and Cash

Mike D.

Dog Trainer

Cash has always been a high-strung young dog and at times would not focus on his training. We started using Breeder's Formula in April and after about a month we took him to his first AKC hunt test in Wisconsin and he impressed the judges and the gallery.

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Chocolate Lab

Karen F.

I just wanted to report that all three of my dogs are enjoying the benefits of Breeder’s Formula. Tucker is much more spry and has not had to take any of his pain medication since we began adding this supplement. I just ordered another bag from your website. Thank you so very much for your help.

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Bruno Labrador Dog

Sandy W.

 My name is Sandy,

On September 29, I started feeding  Life Data® Breeder's Formula for my Labrador dog Bruno. I cannot recognize my dog any more. He used to have a ragged, dull coat with a massive loss of hair. There is an amazing difference after only three weeks of feeding him four scoops a day.

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Archy the Cocker Spaniel

Sophie E.

Archy, our working cocker spaniel suffered from dry skin and regularly experienced cases of dandruff that irritated him to the point where he was itching frequently. We had tried many supplements and oils including Evening Primrose oil among others, however these didn't have a lasting effect on the condition of his coat.

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8 year old Golden Retriever

Alyssa D

I'm not sure if you will remember me or not, but my name is Alyssa and I met you at Equine Affaire last month in Massachusetts. I had stopped by your booth and was asking questions about your Breeder's formula for dogs. I am familiar with Farrier's Formula and I was interested in learning more about this product for dogs.

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