Alex Dog Owner


Deeohgee is normally very scared of storms and gets anxiety when we have them, which is all the time in FL. She gets so scared she trembles. It is sad for mama to see this.

Last night, we had pretty bad thunder storms rolling through and after a few hours I thought- wait where is Dee? She should be glued to my leg right now…. Sure enough, Dee was relaxing in the office- as if she didn't even notice the storm thanks to Breeder's Formula! I had given her Breeder's Formula with her dinner around 5 pm, so the 6 pm storm didn't faze her. I was even more surprised when she was willing to go outside with me, during the storm, to go to the bathroom.

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Irritated Dog Skin

Barbara B.

Life Data's Breeder's Formula... we can't say enough about this wonderful product! Let's see if I can try...

Our sweet Josie developed a red, itchy spot on her right rear leg. She would lick and chew it almost constantly until it would sometimes bleed. As noted in the picture 9-3-14, her leg would end up bright red with welts, scabs and no hair. We would take her to our vet where she would receive her shot and a round of antibiotics for this allergy she had developed. The itching would ease for her so that there was no licking or chewing to irritate the leg. But, as she finished her medications, it would start all over again. The skin would not have time to completely clear and no hair had grown in that spot since it first started. We did this for several months... treatment after treatment.

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Holly the German Shepard

Bianca G.

Holly's Story

I took over the upkeep of Holly from a foster home in Hamburg in April 2016. She came from an animal welfare kennels in Russia and was just eight months old at that time. Holly had a very dull coat with flaky skin and was constantly scratching herself. At the Hansepferd event I acquired a package of Breeders’s Formula and fed it to her every day until it was used up.

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Flaky canine ear

Zoe and Oscar

I've been looking at Breeders Formula for my Doberman, Oscar.

He's about 5-6 years old & we re-homed him when he was about 18-months. We are unsure of his previous life but can only imagine given the state he was in when we got him. He's a very anxious dog and suffers with about 4 different skin conditions at any one time. He's been under a specialist dermatologist for 2-years now and on long term immune suppressants and steroids (Azathioprine 50mg & Prednisone 25mg) but they aren't helping & I'm convinced it's not treating the issue only providing temporary relief. He has a very thin coat & very course, not like a Dobermans should be.

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Shadow Lab Mix

Sandi W.

Breeder’s Formula - A Rescue For My Rescue.

Shadow is a 7 year old lab mix we rescued two and a half years ago.  He is fairly well-behaved but has horrible anxiety and separation issues.  You never know what you are really getting yourself into with a rescue but he was so gentle and affectionate we hoped the anxiety would subside with time.  Two plus years into our relationship and we needed help.

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